LAYERS - Painting | Stone

Jul 28, 2023 | exhibition/artfair

Gabriele Musebrink | Christoph Jakob
30.9.2023 – 2.11.2023

Place: Franck House, Untertorstr. 6, Marktheidenfeld (DE)
Opening: 29.9.2023 at 7 p.m.


LAYERS – a material original state goes into transformation and receives a new meaning.

Art is not only transformative on a personal level and opens previously unknown aspects of one's own self. The artistic process also processes contemporary events through this channel. And this contemporary event as well as far greater, deeper processes of change on our earth and our world are contained in it.


In her painting, Gabriele Musebrink processes a natural materiality as far as possible: ground marble, fresco swamp lime and pigments give rise to a morphology in the painting. The surfaces mutate into stone. Or natural binders such as warm glue allow rinds to emerge as the surface of the painting. The invited pictorial process of birth and death – ‘the process painting of intuitive power‘ - acquires an optical fragility of astonishing stability. Earth-historical transformation processes as well as life processes are her deeper interest.


Christoph Jakob allows hard rock to undergo a transformation: Play, movement, stillness, and lightness partly suggest a different materiality of the sculptures. In this way, his sculptural works subtly thematize the process of stone itself becoming a part of the history of the earth. A harmonious balance is created between creative intervention and the inherent dynamics of the stone. Respect for these surfaces, which tell a story and to which he can listen, is active in him. Every stone has its own materiality, its own interior that needs to be peeled free.


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