Embossing and Change

Oct 18, 2022 | exhibition/artfair

Embossing and Change | Gallery Luzia Sassen

at ‚Herzogliches Kelterhaus zu Blankenberg‘ 
Vernissage | Sat. November 19th 2022 | 14 until 17 pm 
Exhibition from November 20th 2022 until February 28th 2023 

Gabriele Musebrink has been excited about processes in nature ever since: Metamorphosis like transformations and of course the things that are caused through movement of the water or things that happen with the air we need for breathing, simply everything that is part of nature. To her, it is never about reproducing nature but being in contact with what is essentially happening in nature, that which can also be partly difficult for us as humans.

The series ‘Embossing‘ reflects the question about the main imprints and conditioning and which perceptions and truths of life result from them. It is about one’s own position and awareness of the circumstance, that WE live and act on this planet together. The series ‘Change‘ is a three-dimensional visual happening, out of the deep experience that old structures dissolve and merge into a whole new being. Something receives a new shape.

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