May 14, 2021 | exhibition/artfair

One Artist Show with Gallery Luzia Sassen
21st until 24th of May 2021 (only online)

In the center of Gabriele Musebrink’s artistic research we find condensed surfaces, structures without a center in constant motion - sometimes flowing, sometimes exploding. Cracks and fissures give evidence for the invisible forces and point at that which lies in the dark. She mainly uses cold colors; stone grey, silver, dark blue, but as a result of her play with light and through many refractions of intermediate layers of warm yellow or red, the paintings do not appear cool but rather radiate in all different shades. Despite of the powerful fluctuations in the paintings, one’s view is not being driven. It can easily stay with one color or linger in exploring one certain structure. These structures remind us of formations of natural surfaces. The paintings almost appear to be inhabited, as if they were nerved by rock worms or as if swarms of moths could break out of them at any moment, as if time has left its traces on them. Yet, these paintings do not at all lack the unique gesture of the paintress. Where the artist’s own acts seem to have been skilfully covered in the beginning, there is later almost always an explicit and expressive sign of her appearing in the painting. It can be found in a stroke of a brush, a suggested contour or sometimes in some detail being cut off. Ultimately, it is a concurrence of all this and the human being is part of this nature. (source: Gallery Luzia Sassen)

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