heard breathing

Apr 25, 2021 | in process

Subtle and crude - old Fresco lime putty and marble powder structure generate different fields of reaction here. A microcosm appears which reflects the evolution of the macrocosm.
With all the things happening on the level of color through pigments and different binding material, for example the application of natural resin and pigments - in thin layers of glaze in sometimes 50 different layers of color - communication still remains with what has been there on the bottom in the first place.
My way of painting corresponds very much with showing respect for all that life has offered me and understanding this as the nature of the developmental process.

It is about initiating this happening in the painting process without any control, and the sensing response to it, the capacity to step back as the one taking action and commit to an inner and outer process: It is an attitude towards life, that is also reflected here in the coming into being of the artisitic works.

There are some phases of life, that particularly demand such a mind-set.

Gabriele Musebrink, spring 2020